NNMHSS is marching towards excellence in all spheres of Education. The Staff and the management together are in search of new ideas to make the school the right place for future Education. As the first step towards this, the school is improving its infrastructure. The step by step attempt towards this started during March 2014. We welcome the students and parents to visit our school campus to see the completed building which was inaugurated by the Honorable Minister for Education, Sri. Abdu Rubb on 06-02-2015.


The faculty of the school is the prime strength of the school. Being a Government Aided school, we have very highly qualified and experienced faculties. Their dedication to the profession, Students and the Society is un-paralleled. The permanency of the faculty is most important. (Please visit the list of staff in the main menu).
Our faculties help the students in their academic as well as non academic activities. The frequent meetings with the parents arranged in the school helps to maintain a healthy rapport between them for the betterment of the students. Our faculties promote the inborn talents of the students and bring up their hidden talents.

Non Teaching Staff

We have a good group of Non Teaching staff headed by the Clerk of the school. They are most dedicated and student centric in their attitude.

Science Laboratories

NNMHSS assures to give the best laboratory facility for its High School and Higher Secondary students. The school boasts of the best labs in the school which is of national/ international standards. The students and the parents are welcome to school to see the lab facilities. The newly constructed Zoology, Botany, chemistry and Physics labs provides all facilities for the students to excel in their practical part of academic session. It is spacious, well equipped, well lighted and ventilated. The labs are also well maintained

Computer LAb

The School has separate Computer Labs for he High School and Higher Secondary School Section. These labs are equipped with latest systems with net facility. the lab is spacious and well arranged.


Library is the most integral part of an educational institution. Keeping this in mind, the management has created a new space for school library which has a seating capacity of more than 75 students. It is of 1150 sq. ft. Good number of books related to academic and free reading makes the library student friendly. The News papers and magazines keep students updated with current effairs. The Air Conditioned library makes reading a pleasure and helps the students relieve all their pressure.
The students will be assisted with two staff (one from Higher Secondary and one from High school) in the library. The library will be digitalized in near future.
Though there are good number of books in the library, the school welcomes its Alumni to donate books to their school to make it more rich under the title “my book to my school library”.

Class Rooms

As said above, the school authorities are improving the infrastructure facilities with an aim to provide the best facilities to the students of the school. The authorities expect to make all class rooms digital step by step.

Noon Meal

Being an aided school, the government of Kerala is providing free food to the students of 8th standard who are economically back ward. This is handled with care by the Teacher in Charge who facilitates to serve food in hygienic and healthy condition with a tint of love and affection.

Drinking water

Pure drinking water keeps the students healthy. Healthy body and Healthy mind is the basic requirement for good learning. Keeping this fact in mind, the school authorities have made arrangements to provide healthy and pure drinking water to the students and the staff. For this water filters are fitted and well maintained. The water is supplied from the well inside the school. The quality of the water is monitored by checking the same in the authorized laboratories.


The newly constructed toilets are of national standards. We have also girl’s friendly toilets to make sure good health of the students. All the students are expected to keep the toilets clean and healthy as this can be done only with the co operation of the students. The toilets are also fitted with sufficient water taps. There are good number of taps with wash basins provided for the students for proper cleaning of their hands and face. The girl students can obtain sanitary pads from the vending machines in the toilets on payment and the used pads are burnt in the machines provided for the same.

National Service Scheme (NSS)

NSS is very active in the school. The students are involved in various activities under the NSS. The NSS team of the school has gained the good will of the society in a very few days of its beginning. You are welcome to visit the photo gallery to see the photos of NSS activities. Here students get amble opportunities to serve the society. The NSS activities are organized in such a way to develop a love for society and nature among students. The students are given hands on experience in agriculture. Speak to our NSS volunteers to know the real experience of these students in the school.

National Cadet Corps

NNMHSS is perhaps the only school under Thirurangadi Education District offering NCC unit. THE NCC of the school has won great appreciation of the society and the authorities. The school has Male and Female wing of NCC. This help the students to become disciplined and dedicated.


NNMHSS offers Scouts to the students as per the government norms.


Guides functions in the school keeping its aim of establishment. Weekly functions and camps make the Guides of this school different and active. The activities of Guides is evident from the photos in the Gallery. The students are trained to love their fellow being and to grow as a good human being, which is the motto of the school itself.


Junior Red Cross is very active in the School. It helps the students to develop the thought for a better society. JRC unit of the school is one among the best in the district. The students are motivated and encouraged to serve the human being and to be a part in serving the Earth as a whole.


The musical intrest in the students are taken care and promoted by the Kalakshethra wing of the School. Free coaching in JAZZ is given to students intresed by the expert in the field. NNMHSS is one among the very few schools in the state with this activity. Perhaps the only one in the Thirurangadi Education District.


The young generation of these time is totally confused and often misguided. This draw back is taken care by Sauhritha Club of the School. Psychological classes given to students and parents finds solution to many problems of the students. The frequent counseling programes organized by the club helps the students to improve their studies. It helps them to develop concentration. Career guidance is one of the other activity of the club. This helps the students to find the right path in their future after +2.


The KHO KHO Team is selected by the Physical education Teacher each year as per the requirement.

Foot Ball Hostel

Since 2014, NNMHSS has started Foot Ball Hostel. The system offers admission to a limited number of students in the high school who will be a part of NNMHSS football team. The students are offered Free Coaching. Accommodation and food is offered as per the norms framed from time to time. In the very first year our students became state champions and participated in the international Subratho Cup at Delhi. Selection to the team is purely the discretion of the Physical Education Teacher.

The school is now planning to start CHOCHO, BADMINTON, SOFT BALL etc from the years to come. Interested students can contact Mr. Mansoor. M, the Physical Education Teacher for more information


Chelembra is now known in the map as the land for Education. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. K V Sankaranarayanan, popularly known as Maanuettan.



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